Introducing: Lexi by Dyscribe

WhatsApp Digital Assistant Designed for those with Speech and Language Difficulties and Visual Impairments

Voice note transcription and summarisation, text to speech, text rewrites, image description, OCR, copy editing, all within WhatsApp!


Meet Lexi, your new best friend.


Transcribe your voice notes

Lexi can transcribe and summarise your friends voice notes.

Send voice notes of your own and Lexi can create clean transcripts, or condense your thoughts for you.

Convert the results back to audio to listen to what you've written.


Rewrite your messages

Lexi can act as a copy editor, tidying up and rewriting any text you send. Paste content from elsewhere, forward a friends message, or write a note of your own.

Have the results read back out loud to you! 🔊


Convert your text to speech

Turn any text into cutting-edge AI synthesised speech.

Paste your own text, use the results of transcriptions, have images described to you in detail, and have the text from images spoken to you.


Describe your images

Send Lexi an image and receive a detailed description in return. Choose a simpler description or simply ask Lexi to provide the text found within. 

Lexi can even read handwriting! (or at least try their best)


"For someone with dyslexia like me, Lexi has been an absolute game-changer. Its text-to-speech feature means I no longer dread receiving long messages. Listening to Lexi read them out loud has made catching up with friends a breeze, not a puzzle. But the feature that really blew me away was the image to text. Being able to snap a picture of anything with text on it and have Lexi read it back to me has opened up a whole new level of independence. Menus, street signs, even handwritten notes are no longer barriers; they're just another thing Lexi helps me with.






30 free interactions per month

  • Generate transcriptions from voice messages
  • Summarise a friends voice note, or have your own spoken thoughts condensed
  • Paste long text to have it summarised or type your own words to have them tidied up or rewritten
  • Convert your own text or any output from Lexi into cutting edge AI generated voice notes
  • Send Lexi images to have them described or extract the text from signs and documents

1 Month


  • All Lexi features included
  • Unlimited fair use for 30 days
  • No subscription, one off payment
  • Manual renewal
  • Pay via Stripe within WhatsApp

1 Year


  • 12 months for the price of 8
  • Unlimited fair use for 365 days
  • No subscription, one off payment
  • Manual renewal
  • Pay via Stripe within WhatsApp


  • What is Lexi?

    Lexi is a WhatsApp chatbot that assists individuals with speech and language difficulties, as well as visual impairments. Utilising advanced technologies like OpenAI's Whisper for audio processing, GPT for natural language understanding and generation, and Vision for image recognition, Lexi can process text, audio, and images to produce helpful responses, making communication and information access easier for everyone.

  • On which devices can I use Lexi?

    You can use Lexi on any device that supports WhatsApp, including smartphones, tablets, and computers via web browsers. As long as you can access WhatsApp, you can interact with Lexi.

  • How does handle user data?

    We at Dyscribe take user privacy and data security very seriously. All messages sent to Lexi are end-to-end encrypted, ensuring that your data remains private. We process your data strictly for the purposes of providing useful responses. Your data will not be used for any other purpose, or shared with any third parties. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for full details on how your data is processed.

  • Can I delete my data from Lexi?

    Absolutely, you have the right to erasure. You can request the deletion of any data Lexi holds about you at any time, ensuring your complete control over your information. If you unsubscribe from Lexi your profile and any associated data will be deleted automatically. 

  • Can Lexi convert text messages into audio?

    Yes, Lexi can convert any text you send into spoken audio using OpenAI's advanced Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology. This feature extends to converting outputs from image recognition and transcriptions into audio, making it highly accessible for users with visual impairments or those who prefer auditory information over written text.

  • Why is there a charge for using Lexi?

    The subscription fee helps cover the costs associated with the advanced technologies Lexi uses, such as OpenAI's Whisper, GPT, and Vision, as well as the Text-to-Speech functionality. This ensures that Lexi can continue providing high-quality, reliable service to users.

  • How does Lexi's image recognition to audio feature work?

    After Lexi processes an image you've sent through its Vision technology, it can describe the image or read out any text found in the image using audio. This seamless integration between image recognition and text-to-speech technology enhances accessibility and user experience.

  • How do I start using Lexi?

    To start using Lexi, simply add the Lexi chatbot to your WhatsApp contacts and send a message as you would to any other contact. Lexi will guide you through the setup process and how to use its features.

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